New price lists from 1st April 2024

We would like to inform you about price adjustments for orders from April 1st 2024.

This applies to all types of dampers with 165 mm blades and compensating connectors Type I, for which we can pass on the price reduction oft he raw material. There are also extensive price reductions for built-it-youself kits.

Download in catalog-login.

Blade connection rods for pressure relief dampers
for complete components as well as for built-it-yourself kits

For our pressure relief dampers, now we can offer you a blade connection that ensures even opening of the blades even under unfavourable inflow conditions. Of course, this connecting rods for pressure relief dampers can also be easily retrofitted.

More information about our blade connection for complete pressure relief dampers as well as built-it-yourself kits you can find on our catalog-login.

Extended YouTube-Channel

We have extended our YouTube-Channel to present you how easy the mounting and handling of our build-it-yourself kits for weather-resistant louvers, flexible connectors and additional types of multi-blade dampers is. Our wide range of build-it-yourself-kits enables you to deliver always in a short time.

We are pleased to offer again sales calls and presentations of our sales team on site and are looking forward to provide you with suitable samples and instructions.

Complete components

Of course we will be your reliable partner for complete components, eg multi blade dampers in various variants, weather-resistant louvers and flexible connectors.


Weather-resistant louvers

are available in galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel.
Here you can find out simple and practical techniques for your production.




Flexible connectors

in airtight version easy assembled:

Flexible connectors


Geiger-Multi-blade damper

With the solid Geiger-Multi-blade damper with connection rods you are able to produce big-size units:

JK-G-08 G



You can now request our

free tool for mounting clip for weather-resistant louvers

from our sales team!

Werkzeug für Wetterschutzgitterhaltefedern

New YouTube-Channel

On our new YouTube-Channel we will demonstrate the simplicity and straightforwardness of producing a multi-blade-damper with our build-it-yourself kit.

Just take a look here: Robert Geiger YouTube-Channel

Soon we will increase the number of our Build-it-yourself kit videos with weather-resistant-louvers, flexible connectors and other types of multi-blade dampers.

Hall expansion 2019

Production area expanded again – up to date roll forming machine starts operation

In order to increase our production capacities for special profiles a new industrial building was inevitable and we were able to move into it in 2019.

Together with the 45 converter stands the new roll forming machine is 35 m long. So we are able to produce complex profiles at our location in Ichenhausen.

New packaging units

Please note, that we will update our packing units due to ecologic and economic reasons.

New packaging units

Small plastic parts will be offered in units of 500 pcs. only instead of the past 100 pcs.

Item-Code Item
JKSBAK-500 Spindle, short, plastic
JKSBAL-500 Spindle, long, plastic
JKSBAS-500 Click-in spindle, plastic
JKSBDS-500 Safety (tightening) bolt, 10 x 10 x 50 mm, plastic
JKSBEK-500 Blade end cap, plastic, for 100 mm steel blades
JKSBEK100GF-500 Blade end cap, plastic, for 100 mm aluminium blades
JKSBLB06-500 Bearing for JK-A-06 G/L , plastic
JKSBLK06-500 Bearing closed for JK-A-06 G/L , plastic
JKSBLL-500 Bearing, plastic, for airtight damper
JKSBLS-500 Standard bearing, plastic
JKSBLS-G-500 Standard bearing, plastic, closed version
JKSBSRAN-500 Contact seal for bearings for external gear assemblies, for JK-A-02 and JK-A-02 B

The following blades for dampers made from aluminium we will no longer offer packed in units of 50 or 25 mtr. in separate cartons.

Item-Code Item
JKSBAL100 Blade, aluminium, 100 mm x 5 m
Quantity 250 m
JKSBAL100GF Blade, aluminium, 100 mm x 5 m, with slot for insertion of rubber edge seal
Quantity 250 m
JKSBAL165G Blade, aluminium, 165 mm x 5 m, with slot for insertion of rubber edge seal
Quantity 150 m