We would be pleased to send you a printed catalogue or on a compact disc.
Yes, we manufacture all intermediate dimensions in mm-steps w/o additional costs. The dimensions in the catalogue is to be meant as price chart.
Important are the clearance dimensions of the Weather-resistant louver. We recommend to deduct 15 mm in width and height from the installation opening.
Yes, we can provide powder-coated multi blade dampers limited for external gears and depth 120 mm and 180 mm.
We can offer stainless steel versions in material 1.4301 (V2A) for the following types: JK-I-02 B V2A, JK-A-02-B V2A, JK-I-07 G V2A, JK-A-07 G V2A, and JK-A-07 LK V2A.
We exclusively produce in Ichenhausen/Germany.
Most of the countries the orders are processed and delievered by ourself.
Please send us your inquiry with your required volume and we will respond accordingly.